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In 2005 we were watching the hurricane come into New Orleans and L J said she never wanted to be the person waiting for the government to help us!

I ordered some MRE's and when she tried them she said " I am not eating these" so I keep looking. We went tried Mtn House, Food Ins, and Wise, all with the same reaction from L J. Than when we found Thrive Foods she said "These are great" I will eat this product. THRIVE LIFE products have proven to be great tasting freeze dried foods, that we use everyday, a world class Food Rotation System, emergency cooking and water systems  and a way I could supplement our fixed retirement income, which has been welcomed. L J loves the food and supports me in building the business.

Best of all with my commission, 10% free products we have stocked our Home Store FREE!

Come join the Thriving Life Foods team, live a thriving life, build your home store FREE, and lets grow to geather.

Let us share what we have learned.


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James's Latest News

Company Name Change

May 3, 2013
In order to be inline with Thrive Life's philosophy.  I am also changing my companies name from Thriving During Disaster to Thriving Life Foods. This name change took effect May 1, 2013.
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