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And PANIC Sets In

August 26, 2017

People are either the most naive or ignorant species to walk this earth.  Have we not learned anything from the past? When it comes to living life we have become so complacent we’ve forgotten about being prepared.  Being a prepper has taken on such a negative connotation in recent years that it seems as though people have refused to prep just so they don’t... Read More…

Turning Point

July 9, 2017

I should have known better!  Over the years I received extensive training on survival, though both the Boy Scouts and the U.S. Army.  I am one of the guys that can walk into the woods, carrying the simple, every-day things, and survive for days at a time with ease.  When starting a family I had more important things to focus on, or so I thought.  Sure, I was able to provide... Read More…

Why do I choose Thrive Life?

July 5, 2017

There are many choices available in the emergency food market, and we've tried a number of them personally.  Some are better than others, and some I wouldn't feed my dog.   Why did I switch to Thrive Life?   There are times when we want something simple for a meal.  Let's face it, when returning home from a long day out and about, the last thing... Read More…