Grace Gonzales

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I have been a crisis first respond during times of disaster since 2004. Not only have I seen the importance of being prepared and the benefit of long term food storage, but I also require gluten free food.

Though there are companies out there that state they have gluten free - most are not certified gluten free - and when you dig a little deeper below the title of a product, many out there are NOT - but THRIVE is! Knowing that Thrive paid the money to verify that their food was safe for those with celiac disease and other food sensitivities first lead me to Thrive.

Not only does the food taste great, is easy to use and store, convenient when traveling, but it is also safe for those with gluten sensitivity to eat.

We have promoted Thrive to people for years as we train people on how to get prepared, not because we received anything for doing so but because as crisis responders we knew the value and importance of it.

We have used it when we have had to respond in disaster sites; and because it tastes so good, we eat it as part of our daily food.

If you are looking for a good tasting food, from a company who cares, Thrive is the place.

Disaster relief food storage does not have to be boring or taste bad. I know after working a 12-15 hour day in a disaster site I look forward to having something really good to eat - and because of Thrive I know I will.

I became a distributer because I really like the company, I believe in the product and the need to be prepared, I know it is safe for me to eat, and the taste of the food is wonderful!



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