Home Office Tours
Come see where the magic happens! You’ll visit our manufacturing and corporate facilities and meet many of our friendly employees. Sign up by March 31st here to reserve a spot on the tour bus!


Executive Lunch
Any consultant who enrolls 3 consultants, signs up $1,000 in Q1 volume, and reaches the rank of executive or above during the contest period will have the opportunity to get to know our executive team a little better at this exclusive lunch!


Thriving Nations
You won’t want to miss this activity! You’ll get to have a first-hand impact on women and children in Kenya by participating in our Thriving Nations service project.


Grab your nametag, registration bag, and everything you need to make this convention the best one yet!


Power Up
Get energized and ready for a fantastic weekend as consultant leaders at all ranks prep you on how to make the most out of convention and give you tips on how to succeed as a consultant!


Welcome Reception/ Recipe Swap
Come meet and greet our executive team, employees, and other consultants from all over the country and beyond. This event has no formal program, but it’s a great time to network and meet new people, and don't forget to bring your favorite THRIVE recipes to trade with others!





Opening Session
Learn all about how Thrive Life is changing the mealtime experience, and get inspired by leaders and excited for new products and tools that will help you catapult your business to success.


Try all our new products firsthand, prepared by our own culinary team!


Lunch Break (Store Open)
Grab our new products at pricing you can only get at convention! Also visit our many interactive booths to learn more about the back office, new products, the business, and more.


Get the know-how you need to unleash your business’s potential! Corporate and consultant leaders will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to be a powerful business builder. See workshop descriptions


Dinner Break (Store Open)


Entertainment & Recognition
Rock the house with this year’s amazing band, the Groove Merchants, while we celebrate your many accomplishments this past year!


Italian Sodas with the Execs
Everyone who completes Ignite 90 between Jan.1st and March 31st gets this chance to spend time with our executive team while enjoying delicious Italian sodas.



Start your day with a fun boost of energy by dancing away with other consultants and Thrive Life employees!


Breakfast with Chef Todd
The 20 consultants with top party sales during the contest period will get to invite one guest to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Thrive Life corporate headquarters with the famous Chef Todd.


See workshop descriptions


Keynote Session
Learn all about turning your dreams to reality from one of the top leaders in the direct sales industry, keynote speaker Belinda Ellsworth!


Business Advisory Board Lunch (Store Open/Lunch Break)
The top 60 consultants in our convention contest will have the opportunity to network and gain powerful business building insight at this special lunch with our Business Advisory Board.


See workshop descriptions


Cooking Hour & Thriving Nations
Your mouth will be watering as the one-of-a-kind Chef Todd shares recipes, cooking tips and more! Then, get an update on our humanitarian program, Thriving Nations.


Dinner Break (Store Open)


Closing Party
Dance the night away, take photos with your friends, and have fun with consultants, employees, and executives alike at our unforgettable farewell party. Don't miss the announcement of our new Fantasy Getaway contest!

Keynote Speaker – Belinda Ellsworth

Belinda Ellsworth is an internationally renowned speaker and direct sales consultant who combines over 30 years of experience in the field with her innovative results-driven strategies. She began her direct sales career as an assistant at the age of 14 and started down her own direct sales path at the age of 18, quickly developing systems and strategies that allowed her to achieve major milestones early in her career, and earning the distinction of becoming the youngest Sales Vice President in her company’s history. Having held over 3,500 shows, recruited and trained thousands of new starts, and consulted with hundreds of direct sales companies, she has set the industry standard on developing leaders at all levels.

In 1995, Belinda founded Step into Success as a way to live out her passion of sharing her direct sales experiences and successes with others. Since that time, she has worked with hundreds of direct sales companies and impacted literally thousands of direct sales representatives, empowering them to achieve the success they desire.

The Groove Merchants

Winners of the 2013 Best of State award for best specialty act
Combining some of the most well-known and talented musicians in the western United States, the Groove Merchants party band plays all your favorite tunes, from the classics to today’s hits. High energy vocals, audience involvement, choreographed dancing, and a live horn section make for unforgettable entertainment, and the band is the winner of the 2013 Best of State award for best specialty musical act.