Veggie Infused Pizza Family (Clearance)

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Veggie Infused Pizza Family (Clearance) Veggie Infused Pizza Family (Clearance)
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We have Veggie Infused Pizza Family Size Simple Plate meals that need to be gobbled up soon. Best by dates are coming up... anywhere from 1 to 3 months.

Products on clearance may have minor dents on cans, scratched or torn labels, reduced shelf life (due to shelf life being based on manufacture date rather than date of purchase), or other defects not related to food. Clearance items may also include discontinued products with none of the mentioned defects. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Turn pizza night into veggie night with our Veggie Infused Pizza Simple Plate! Get thick slices of cheesy pizza loaded with savory veggies and a homemade red sauce! Oh, and that fluffy crust? We put veggies in there, too. The kids are eating vegetarian tonight!

Classic makes one 12 inch pizza. Family makes two 12 inch pizzas.

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