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Dean and I were looking for a business that we could believe in.  After thinking about this for awhile, Dean said that everyone had to have two things, one was food and the other toilet paper.  Now, I think the grocery stores have toilet paper covered so we turned to the food possibility.  We have always had food storage and canned and processed our own food from our garden and farm animals.  We realize the importance of having our food storage from the many timeS we had to rely on it to feed and provide for our 8 children.  Many times things have been tough and we had to dig into our storage.

After researching food storage on the internet, we took a trip to check out food storage companies for ourselves.  We were disappointed in some of the companies we visited as some didn't want to deal with wholesale at all.  Then we went to Shelf Reliance and found not only a great tasting product but people who were happy to help us and were excited to give us the opportunity to sell their products.  We toured the offices and plant with Seth Adams and after talking for a short while we were set up and on our way.  Everyone has been so helpful and willing to go the extra mile that we know that we will be successful in our business because we have a great company behind us.

Dean has since had a life threatening illness that has put us behind in our goals but we have been able to receive a paycheck every month even though we have not been able to work like we planned.  THANKS SHELF RELIANCE.

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