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Everyone WINS with THRIVE!  

It can take less than three hours for the Supermarkets to run completely out of food during a crisis and then may take up to three weeks to fill the shelves again? Most Americans now, get hungry and they go to the store to buy some food...  Most don't really know any OTHER way to get food. 

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you went to the store and their shelves were "empty"?  This has happened in the not-so-recent past and there are signs of it happening again...   Here are a FEW of the threats confronting the USA right now:  

  • Severe Crop Decimation 
  • Skyrocketing Food Prices 
  • Another "Natural Disaster" the size of Katrina. 

How would you like to "cheat" any food Crisis?  Start Preparing NOW. Be able to cook healthy and great-tasting meals for your entire family! 

Everyone WINS with THRIVE!  

  • if you are a Guest, you WIN - you get to taste our high quality foods, learn their benefits, and buy at a discount!
  • if you are a Host/Hostess, you WIN - by introducing your friends and family to THRIVE, you earn 10% of your total party sales in FREE foods,  PLUS half-price discounts.  You can also claim recent previous purchases as a guest to YOUR party totals - our "double dip" benefit!
  • if you have a "Q", you WIN - you buy at our best prices PLUS earn points for  free food while enjoying monthly home deliveries. 
  • if you become a Consultant, you WIN - by earning Commissions on your sales, discounts on all products - and earning a residual income from all on-going Q purchases AND a percentage of the sales from consultants you sign up. 
  • Everyone WINS - Great food!  Cuts your grocery bill! 

Call me - I will help you- ALL you need is the will to WIN!
I want to work with you - if you want to BE a winner.
And...It's Fun, too!

Larry and JoAnna Brokaw, Independent Consultants





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