It's Time to Design Your Future

July 19-21, 2018

Utah Valley Convention Center

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Be inspired to work your business like never before

Learn How to

  • Find New Customers
  • Close the Sale Fast
  • Present at a Tasting
  • Book Tasting After Tasting
  • Turn Skeptics into Loyal Customers
  • Build a Social Media Following
  • Build and Manage a Team
  • Have Effective Business Hours
  • Get Creative with Thrive Food
  • Help Customers Use the Food They Buy
  • Use Facebook Effectively


  • A Vision and Action Plan
  • A Schedule You Can Stick To
  • Confidence with the Food


  • Residual Sales and Residual Income
  • Your Paycheck
  • Confidence to Share Anytime, Anywhere
  • Control of Hesitations and Self Doubt
  • A Part-Time Gig into Full-Time Income


Ty Bennett | Keynote Speaker

Capturing the imagination of your customers can make or break your business. When they feel inspired, your business grows! Ty Bennett mastered the technique of effective storytelling when he built his own multi-million dollar business, and at Thrive Life’s Convention, he’ll teach you how to do the same.

Bob Kittell | Keynote Speaker

Bob has inspired thousands across the globe with his message of connecting with others and understanding your personal value. Touring with motivational masters like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and George Bush, Bob will help you realize the impact you can have on others as you master your thoughts and develop inner peace and happiness.

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Tour of Corporate Headquarters

Main General Sessions

Convention Store

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Opening Social

Recognition Event

Thriving Nations Service Project

Closing Party


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Hotel Accommodations

Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

Special group rate:$139 per night

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General Agenda



  • 7:00 - 10:00am Registration
  • 10:00am - General Session I
  • 12:00pm - Lunch Break (Store Open)
  • 2:00pm - Workshops
  • 4:00pm - General Session II
  • 5:00pm - Dinner Break (Store Open)
  • 7:00pm - Recognition Gala & Show
  • 9:00pm - Italian Soda Reception


  • 7:00 - 8:00am - Thrive Fit
  • 9:30am - General Session III
  • 12:00pm - Lunch Break (Store Open, Mini Workshops)
  • 1:30pm - Workshops
  • 3:30pm - General Session IV
  • 5:30pm - Dinner Break
  • 7:00pm - Closing Party

General Session I: New products and tools announced! Executives present and entertain.

General Session II: Some of our top performing Consultants will teach you and your team how to duplicate success using the newly launched products and tools.

Recognition Gala: Get praised and pampered for all your hard work over the past year, and be amazed by a troupe of world-class dancers that have graced the stage and screen!

General Session III: Product launch! Join us for Thriving with the Stars. Learn how to inspire through storytelling from Ty Bennett.

General Session IV: Learn about what Thriving Nations is doing to influence the world. Learn more about your personal value and how to connect with others from Bob Kittell.


Friday 2:00-2:50pm

  • Let's Get Cooking - Full
    Practice presenting and demonstrating one of the new Simple Plate meals or a creation of your choice.
  • Inspire Customers to Make Healthier Meals
    See a Thrive demonstration of healthy meal ideas. Hear success stories from their kitchen.
  • Find Time to Build a Business
    Learn how some of our top Consultants build a business while balancing a busy schedule.

Friday 3:00-3:50pm

  • Let's Get Cooking - RSVP
    Practice presenting and demonstrating one of the new Simple Plate meals or a creation of your choice.
  • Empower Customers to Save Time in the Kitchen
    See a Thrive demonstration of quick and easy meal ideas. Hear success stories from their kitchen.
  • How to Consistently Find New Customers
    Tens of millions have been identified as people that would buy our product if they knew about it, so how do you find them?

Saturday 1:30-2:20pm

  • Let's Get Cooking - RSVP
    Practice presenting and demonstrating one of the new Simple Plate meals or a creation of your choice.
  • Scared to Introduce Thrive to Others? So Were We.
    Learn how to get over fears and know how to talk about the product and the opportunity.
  • Keys to Closing the Sale
    This skill is the biggest differentiator in determining your level of success in this business.

Saturday 2:30-3:20pm

  • Get Digital
    Learn how to brand yourself, build a following, and create content that will drive people to buy through social media.
  • Be a Business Builder and Duplicate
    Learn how to inspire your team to duplicate successful processes and motivate your customers to share.


Prepare to be amazed during the Inspire Recognition Gala with a troupe of world-class dancers
that have graced the stage and screen. Get up close and personal with dancers you've seen
on "So You Think You Can Dance," "America's Got Talent," " World of Dance", and more!

Ryan Di Lello | Professional Latin Dancer and Coach

You've seen him on "So You Think You Can Dance," "Dancing with the Stars," and even shows like "Bones" and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." On TV and on Broadway, Ryan has showcased his amazing talent for dance, and having specialized in International Latin Ballroom, Ryan is a much sought-after coach for up and coming dancers.

Jaxon Willard | World of Dance Competitor

Currently competing on NBC's "World of Dance," Jaxon (only 16 years old) will blow you away. With his vast experience of dance, incredible control, and ability to tell a story, you'll be mesmerized from start to finish.

The Pulse | Latin Competition Team

The Pulse is a Latin ballroom dance team made up of 8 unbelievable dancers. They're sassy, peppy, and just plain fun to watch, and they'll show you exactly why they're competing on "World of Dance."

Charity and Andres | World of Dance Competitors

Charity and Andres, currently competing on "World of Dance," are the perfect couple, unified in every step with just the right blend of strength and beauty. They will capture your attention, keep you enthralled until the last moment, and then leave you wanting more.

Stephani Sosa | Dancer and Actress

Stephani is a beautiful dancer with amazing skill and control. As an exceptional jazz funk and contemporary dancer, she's appeared on "America's Got Talent" and "Dance Rivals." She commands the stage when she dances with a performance you won't want to miss.

Closing Party

ARE YOU READY TO PARTY?! At this year's closing party of Thrive Life's INSPIRE Convention 2018, we'll all be GLOWING IN THE DARK!
Come in neon colors and glow-in-the-dark materials to really shine that night! Use glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark paint, bright colors, or white.
There will be games, a ton of giveaways, and a chance to show off your creativity. Don't miss out!

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Your registration fee covers all the general sessions, workshops, and activities Thursday through Saturday. You will be responsible for all meals.
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