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 All of us use Thrive foods in different ways, Sarah likes it for emergencies, Mike & Jen for home food storage, but I now find I use it often as staples in our pantry.  

I'll never have to touch or cut up onions again! 

I have found  that we like the fact we have a lot less waste from things spoiling before we use it all.

I also like that I have a greater selection of fruit and veggies for my protein smoothies.

Remember to ask for the *An unadvertised special* flyer, of deep discount items that can only be purchased through a Consultant. - They cannot be found on Thrive Life's website or in their catalog, nor can it be added to your monthly Q shipment.

Also check out my blog for recipes, tips and helps as well as the monthly newsletter.

Need a flameless cooker for your travels go to for a selection of Baro Cook flameless stoves great for using with Thrive Life foods! 



Lou Ann Frei

Flameless cooking with a Baro Cook  

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