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What You’ll Experience

  • New product & tool launches

  • Gala dinner catered by Chef Todd

  • Workshops by top consultant leaders

  • Thriving Nations activity

  • Inspirational messages from executives

Convention Only Product

Indulge yourself with our most decadent dessert yet! Exclusively available at convention, each bite gives you a hint of chocolate and a load of "yummmm!" Come and stock up while you can, because after convention they’re gone!

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Wednesday, July 27

Lagoon Amusement Park Family Day
(all day)

Light dinner provided by Chef Todd

Thursday, July 28


Home Office Tours
Come see the new state-of-the-art freeze dry facility

Car Tour Times (Sign Up Now!)
9:00am(FULL), 9:15am(FULL), 9:30am(FULL), 11:30am(FULL), 12:15pm(FULL), 12:30pm(FULL)

Bus Tour Times (Sign Up Now!)
10am(FULL), 10:30am(FULL), 11:00am(FULL), 11:30am(FULL), 12:00pm(FULL)

Thriving Nations Service Project

Opening Reception
Light hors d'oeuvres and drinks

Friday, July 29


Opening Session

Lunch Break (Store Open)


Break (Store Open)

Recognition Gala
Dinner provided by Chef Todd, Entertainment, Dancing – Best Dress

Saturday, July 30


Chef Todd Cooking Hour

Break (Store Open)


Keynote Speaker and Thriving Nations Presentation

Dinner Break (Store Open)

Closing Party
70’s disco party – dress up in your best disco attire


Unlocking the Secret to YOUR Success

Learn to apply this proven system and launch your business to new heights.

Let's Get Cooking (5 Classes)

Tie up your apron and get ready to make a masterpiece! Choose from 5 different menus for hands-on cooking lesson!

Aint Nobody Got Time For That!

Learn a proven system that will enable you to make the most of the time you have, being productive in your busiest years

How to Succeed with Thrive ...and be a good mom, too.

How to balance sticky fingers, dirty dishes, and being a successful business owner without turning into a zombie mom.

Crossing Borders with Party Connect

Learn how to utilize this new tool to connect with customers in different cities, states, and countries while boosting your paycheck!

Big Picture, Big Profits

Understand the big picture of your business to see where you're making money and where you're losing out. Maximize your profits by putting your effort where it will pay off the most!

If You Don't Laugh, You Will Cry

How to laugh through the hard stuff, and be realistic about the challenges of building a business.

How Real Men THRIVE

Join a panel of thriving men to discuss how they take on the business while supporting their spouse.

Make Money While You Sleep

Learn what you need to do now to keep your paycheck growing every minute of every day!

Empower Your Dreams

How do we overcome obstacles and flip the switch? Excuses, be gone! Also, learn how to break your business down from vision to goals to action steps.

Hooked on Parties!

Get booked! Gain tools and verbiage for starting that party chain and KEEP IT GOING!

Let's Party LIVE!

Watch top consultants demonstrate a successful party presentation, and take notes on new party trends and closing tips!

51 Reasons Why I Suck

We all have strengths and weaknesses. But focusing on strengths is the key to personal growth.

Sharing is Caring

If you're hesitant to close the deal, this is the class for you! Learn tips and verbiage on how to close the sale without feeling pushy!

Double Your Team - Double Your Income (for consultants with team members)

Learn how to lead your team towards the food revolution and a larger paycheck!

Especially for Newbies

Learn the basics of running your own Thrive Life business and find out how two new consultants jumpstarted their business to win the Fantasy Getaway!

Travel & Hotel Discounts

Convention will be held at the Davis Conference Center in Layton Utah (just north of Salt Lake City) at 1651 N 700 W, Layton, UT 84041
See Area Map

Hilton Garden Inn

762 West Heritage Park Blvd, Layton, UT 84041
Get a special discounted hotel rate of $109 ($60 off!) per night at the Hilton Garden Inn connected to the Davis Conference Center! Discounts are available 7/27–7/30. There are a limited number of rooms available at the discounted amount, so book now!


To Book:
  1. Click here and enter your travel dates at the top of the page

  2. Click More Options underneath the dates, then click 'Add Special Rate Codes'

  3. Enter “THRIV” into the Promotion/Offer Code field

  4. Click the 'Check Rooms & Rates' button to see available discounted rooms

Airport Shuttle

Save money with discounted airport shuttle service to and from convention! All convention attendees can receive discounted shuttle tickets at $10 a person each way. Shuttle service is available 24 hours a day, to and from the airport and conference center starting July 25th until July 31st. For those traveling in a group, make sure one person schedules all riders to ensure the same shuttle. The shuttle will depart from the airport at the bottom of each hour and will depart from the Davis Conference Center hourly.

36 hours advance notice necessary for all shuttle reservations. Click on the link below to purchase your discounted shuttle service and receive a confirmation email with a unique code to make your reservation.

1-way ticket

2-way ticket

Convention Contest 2016


Top 20
  • 2 night hotel stay
  • lunch with the executive team
  • 2 Lagoon passes for July 27th

Top 30
  • 2 night hotel stay
  • lunch with the executive team

Top 40
  • 2 night hotel stay

Top 20 Smart Start Sellers
  • Gourmet breakfast with Chef Todd

How Do I Earn Points?

Points are earned February 1–June 30

New Qs under $100 (subtotal) 10 Points
New customer Qs $100+ (subtotal) 25 Points
New consultant enrolled (25 on enrollment, 25 when Q processes) 50 Points
Fast Track level completed by self or level 1 consultant (2/1 or later)* 25 Points

*Both enroller & enrollee get points

View Current Contest Points

You must be registered for convention to win. Prizes are non-transferrable.
See contest details below

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my registration fee refundable?

Your registration fee may be refunded within 2 weeks of purchase, but may not be refunded after that point.

What does the registration fee include?

Your registration fee covers all the general sessions, breakout sessions, workshops, and activities Thursday through Saturday. One formal meal will be included as part of the gala, but you will be responsible for all other meals.

How does the Convention 5-pack work?

When you purchase a convention 5-pack of tickets, you receive an email with 5 unique registration codes that you can provide to any five individuals. You pay $545 for the 5-pack- a $20 savings per ticket! You can sell your individual tickets, use them yourself, or give them away for promos or contests within your group! Simply give one of the 5 registration codes to each of the 5 registrants, and they can register online with that code for free. Each ticket includes 50 convention contest points per account when redeemed by Feb. 29th.


Can I use Q Club points to purchase my convention registration?

Yes, you may pay for your registration using Q Club points. However, you must contact customer service to do this for you manually, as registration will require more points than regular products. Early Bird registration ($129) will cost 25,800 Q Club points, and regular registration ($199) will cost 39,800 points.

Can I bring my children?

Children are welcome, however at convention we strive to maintain an atmosphere that is ideal for learning. We want everyone in attendance to feel engaged in all the breakout sessions and other meetings. To maintain this atmosphere we ask that you do not bring toddlers and small children into the breakout sessions, if possible. Infants of nursing age are welcome to attend with their mothers.

Is there free parking at the convention center?

Yes, parking is free at the Davis Conference Center.

If I’m a new consultant who enrolls after Early Bird has ended, do I miss out on discounted registration?

New consultants will have 4 weeks from their enrollment date to purchase tickets at the Early Bird price (and will receive the 50 convention contest points). To purchase, call customer service at 877-743-5373.

Do co-applicants each need to pay the registration fee?

Yes, the registration fee is charged per person, not per account.

Contest Details

  • Points for the contest may be accrued from Feb 1 at 12:00am Mountain Time to June 30 at 11:59pm Mountain Time.
  • Participants must be registered for convention in order to win prizes. Points can only be added to a single account once. Prizes may not be transferred or exchanged for cash.
  • Points may be earned for each of the four levels of Fast Track: first 40 days, next 30 days, last 30 days, and Fast Track Elite (up to 100 points). Points will be awarded for any level that has been completed starting from the launch of the program on 2/1.
  • A hotel room will be provided for the nights of July 28 and 29. Hotel prize may alternatively be used for travel to a different Thrive Life event if desired.
  • Qs and starter kits must process within the contest period to qualify for points.
  • For the breakfast with Chef Todd, sales volume of Smart Start packages will be calculated by subtotal, and orders must process within the contest dates to qualify for points.
  • The IRS considers these prizes as compensation, and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-MISC.