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    Cindy Suelzle

    Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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    I am a mother of 5, grandmother of 15 - and currently an empty nester. I also own and run a small book store in Edmonton and work much more than full time.

    Nutrition is (and always has been) the most important factor in my grocery shopping, food choices, menu planning and favourite recipes.
    As a mother of five, …

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    Heidi Lear
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    A Taste of Thrive to a Love of Thrive

    My mom introduced me to THRIVE and my toddler was the first to get to try it. My mom gave him some of the freeze-dried fruit and yogurt bites and he loved it. I loved that it was healthy and not messy. Now, he is always going to the cupboard to get the cans out to snack on the yummy fruits and veggies right out of the can. I started with A Taste of THRIVE and as soon as I cooked a THRIVE recipe, something clicked and I realized this was really going to chance the way I do things in the kitchen. I absolutely hate browning ground beef and love that I can just open the THRIVE can and use what I need and don't have to worry that I forgot to thaw out the meat for my recipe. The more I learn about THRIVE, the more I love.

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