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    Todd Leonard CEC

    American Fork, UT
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    Thrive Life Executive Chef
    Certified Executive Chef Todd Leonard brings over 15 years of experience as a professional chef to the (dinner) table at Thrive Life as he works tirelessly to develop ways to use THRIVE foods in easy, healthy, and delicious everyday meals. Chef Todd is the youngest chef in Utah to earn the ACF-accredited status of Certified Executive Chef, and has also won the ACF Chef of the Year award twice for the state of Utah and once for the Western Region. Chef Todd is known for his passion for cooking, larger than life personality, and dedication to providing the Thrive Life community with the very best foods and recipes possible.

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    Missy Gooch
    Millstone, KY
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    THRIVE Will Change Your Life!

    I love food, I love to cook, and THRIVE has revolutionized my kitchen! My pantry is stocked with freeze dired food instead of cans and boxes. My prep time has decreased because I can scoop from a can instead of washing and chopping (no wasted celery or onions in this house anymore). If I run out of a staple, no worries. I turn to my Home Store instead of driving to a store (no more "we have no milk" chats at 10 pm!) Because of the nature of freeze dried food, the time from pantry to table is fast, fast, fast. I was shocked at how healthy and delicious this food is, even on my first bite! Have a taste and you will be changed too!

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