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 My name is Bryon Hart, and this is my story.. ....


  I grew up in Northern Wisconsin. My parents had moved away from the city to live a more simple life. To them this, meant being more self sufficient, having a small farm with a garden and growing most of what we ate. We always had home canned food in the basement, a freezer full of meat and produce, and fresh milk (either from our goats, or the dairy farm down the road). We also had a generator for when the power was out (happened fairly often way out in the country), a well for our water and wood stoves for heat.

  After moving out to WA, thanks to the US Army, I experienced a whole different way to live off the land and "survive" in different circumstances. In Ranger School, I learned many things, among them;

  1:  MRE's are really none of the things that the acronym stands for, (Meal-they can pass themselves off as food if you are really hungry, Ready-temperature and hunger play a big role in this one, Eat- again hunger rules). .. , and they are heavy

  2: being hungry and thirsty while unable to do anything about it (because there was no "extra" food or drinkable water available) is no fun

  3: finding and purifying water is real work, and must be done correctly to stay healthy

  4: foraging for food is  not as easy as it sounds, especially when you are not practiced at it

  5: and most importantly, when everyone is hungry and thirsty, not many people are willing to share the little bit that they have. . ..


   Fast forward 20 years, I am a General Contractor with my own business and my own house. I started thinking about being prepared for emergency situations. . .. Power outages (I have a generator and wood heat), snow (did I mention I grew up in Northern Wisconsin?), flood (we are on a hill but a lot of the stores and roads are not), earthquake (we are in a good location, but again the roadways and stores are not) and of course civil unrest among other things.

  I looked at what I had and thought we were pretty prepared. .. .. then I backed up and took a more realistic look at it and found some big holes. . mostly in the food and water department. Yes I had cans of tuna, some rice and beans, some canned stuff, a bit of food in the freezer and a quite a bit of miscellaneous food in the pantry.

  It is not what I would call long term or balanced. The canned stuff all expired in less than 16 months, the freezer stuff would go bad with no power, and it was all heavy. . .. . So I started looking around for alternatives. I found what I thought would work in the freeze dried meals at REI, except for 2 things, #1 cost, these things were between $4 and $8 a meal, just for the entree, #2 ingredients, there are a lot of additives and preservatives in these that I wouldn't choose to eat (very high in sodium, among other things).

  Then I found the Thrive line of food at the big box store. A little more exploration and I found Thrive Life (then Shelfreliance), a couple of points caught my interest. Individual ingredients,  lots of fruits and vegetables (which is something that I did not have in my pantry), better prices than that big box and better selection than the big box. Once I got to taste some, I was hooked.

  Since I had discovered a product line that is everything I was looking for, my decision to become a rep/consultant was easy, economical, long shelf life, light weight (mostly, still can't make rice and beans feel like feathers), food that is pure and healthy to eat, lots of fruits and vegetable to eat healthy, and a great line of other emergency preparedness equipment.

  Now my desire and mission is to get this product and message out to all of my friends, family and beyond. I hope you will give the Thrive food a try, I believe that once you do, you will not only want to have some on hand for emergencies, I believe you will use it for everyday meals and snacks as well. I know I do ! ! It is also great for hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing and all sorts of outdoor activites. And when an emergency hits, don't just survive, Thrive ! !


  Thanks for reading my story,


  Bryon Hart



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