Understanding Shelf Life

Getting the Most From Your Food

Freeze dried foods are long lasting! Sealed in a can, many will last for 25 years or more. Once opened, many freeze dried foods will last 6–12 months or longer.

How to store

Store in a place with consistent room temperature—preferably 50–70°F Make sure moisture cannot easily access your food Keep the lid tight! Moisture and light can soften your food and degrade its nutrients.

When stored properly, most of our products last six months to one year after being opened, such as our fruits, veggies, dairy products, sauces, seasonings and most of our grains and meats! This means for a whole year you don’t have to worry about last minute trips to the grocery store or running out of snack food. Everything you need will always be in your pantry.

A few of our items, once opened, need to be eaten up right way, such as our Pulled Pork, Shrimp and Turkey Dices. We suggest using these products as soon as possible after opening. Under optimal storing conditions, these products could last 2 weeks or longer. You can also refer to the product pages on the website to help you out.

And that’s it! Just pop the lid, take a bite and start tasting the difference of freeze dried food today.


Apple Cinnamon Granola (20 yr.)
Beef Pot Roast (20 yr.)
Blueberry Oatmeal (20 yr.)
Breakfast Skillet (20 yr.)
Butter Chicken (20 yr.)
Cheesy Chicken (20 yr.)
Chicken Spinach Alfredo (20 yr.)
Chicken Teriyaki & Rice (20 yr.)
Creamy Beef with Rotini Pasta (20 yr.)
Creamy Mashed Potato Bowl (20 yr.)
Southwestern Style Chicken (20 yr.)
Vegetable Pasta Primavera (20 yr.)


Fuji Apples Slices (25 yr.)
Granny Smith Apple Slices (25 yr.)
Applesauce (25 yr.)
Apricot (25 yr.)
Banana Slices (25 yr.)
Blackberries (25 yr.)
Blueberries (25 yr.)
Sweet Cherries (25 yr.)
Red Seedless Grapes (25 yr.)
Mango (25 yr.)
Peach Slices (25 yr.)
Pineapple (25 yr.)
Raspberries (25 yr.)
Strawberry Slices (25 yr.)


Asparagus (25 yr.)
Broccoli (25 yr.)
Carrot Dices (8yr.)
Cauliflower (25 yr.)
Celery (25 yr.)
Sweet Corn (25 yr.)
Cucumbers (25 yr.)
Green Beans (25 yr.)
Kale (25 yr.)
Mushroom Pieces (25 yr.)
Onion Slices (25 yr.)
Chopped Onions (25 yr.)
Green Onions (25 yr.)
Green Peas (25 yr.)
Green Bell Peppers (25 yr.)
Green Chili Peppers (25 yr.)
Red Bell Peppers (25 yr.)
Potato Chunks (25 yr.)
Potato Dices (25 yr.)
Mashed Potatoes (5 yr.)
Chopped Spinach (25 yr.)
Butternut Squash (25 yr.)
Tomato Dices (25 yr.)
Tomato Powder (8 yr.)
Zucchini (25 yr.)


Shredded Cheddar Cheese (25 yr.)
Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese (25 yr.)
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (25 yr.)
Shredded Parmesan Cheese (25 yr.)
Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese (25 yr.)
Instant Milk (25 yr.)
Sour Cream Powder (25 yr.)
Pomegranate Yogurt Bites (25 yr.)
Strawberry Yogurt Bites (25 yr.)
Vanilla Yogurt Bites (25 yr.)


Chopped Chicken (25 yr.)
Diced Beef (25 yr.)
Grilled Seasoned Chicken (25 yr.)
Ground Beef (25 yr.)
Ground Turkey (25 yr.)
Pulled Pork (25 yr.)
Sausage Crumbles (25 yr.)
Seasoned Chicken Slices (25 yr.)
Scrambled Egg Mix (7 yr.)

Shredded Beef (25 yr.)
Shrimp (10 yr.)
Instant Black Beans (25 yr.)
Instant Red Beans (25 yr.)
Instant Refried Beans (25 yr.)


Butter Powder (5 yr.)
Classic Cookie Dough Mix (3 yr.)
Country White Dough Mix (3 yr.)
Fudge Brownie Mix (3 yr.)
Glutern Free Flour (5 yr.)
Honey Crystals (25 yr.)
Instant Brown Rice (7 yr.)
Instant White Rice (30 yr.)


Béchamel (10 yr.)
Beef Bouillon (5 yr.)
Cheese Sauce (10 yr.)
Chicken Bouillon (5 yr.)
Espagnole (10 yr.)
Tomato Sauce (10 yr.)
Velouté (10 yr.)


Chef's Choice (25 yr.)
Garlic (25 yr.)
Italian Seasoning Blend (25 yr.)


Bananas (1 yr.)
Cheddar Bites (1 yr.)
Coconut Bites (1 yr.)
Fuji Apples (1 yr.)
Green Peas (1 yr.)
Peaches (1 yr.)
Pineapple (1 yr.)
Red Grapes (1 yr.)
Strawberries (1 yr.)
Sweet Corn (1 yr.)
Vanilla Yogurt Bites (1 yr.)

Limited Time Products

Classic Lemonade (10 yr.)


Basil (25 yr.)
Chives (25 yr.)
Cilantro (25 yr.)
Parsley (25 yr.)
Peppercorn Seasoning Blend (25 yr.)
Salad Seasoning Blend (25 yr.)
Cranberry Crunch Snackies (1 yr.)
Cashew Chew Snackies (1 yr.)
Very Berry Parfait (1 yr.)
Instant Quinoa (25 yr.) Macaroon Cookie Mix (3 yr.)
Passionfruit Yogurt Bites (25 yr.)
Greek Yogurt Bites (25 yr.)
Blueberry Yogurt Bites (25 yr.)


Powdered Milk (25 yr.)
Cheese Blend (15 yr.)
Pears (25 yr.)
Whole Egg (3 yr.)
9 Grain Cracked Cereal (5 yr.)
Amaranth (20 yr.)
Barley, Pearled (8 yr.)
Beans, Black (30 yr.)
Beans, Kidney (30 yr.)
Beans, Lima (30 yr.)
Beans, Pinto (30 yr.)
Beans, Small Red (30 yr.)
Beans, Small White Navy (30 yr.)
Beef, Roast (25 yr.)
Creamy Chicken Noodle soup (8 yr.)
Flour, White (5 yr.)
Flour, Whole Wheat (5 yr.)
Germade, Creamy Wheat Cereal (5 yr.)
Golden Cornbread Mix (3 yr.)
Honey Whole Wheat Dough Mix (3 yr.)
Millet (20 yr.)
Oat Groats (30 yr.)
Oats, Quick (25 yr.)
Pancake 10 Grain Mix (3 yr.)
Pasta, Egg Noodle (8 yr.)
Pasta, Elbow Macaroni (8 yr.)
Pasta, Rainbow Farfalle (8 yr.)
Pasta, Whole Grain Penne (8 yr.)
Peas, Split Green (8 yr.)
Peppers Mixed Bell (7 yr.)
Potato Beads (8 yr.)
Simple Plate-- All Meals (18 mo.)
Strawberries, Whole (25 yr.)
Sweet Potatoes (8 yr.)
Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix (3 yr.)
Quinoa (20 yr.)
Flour, Rice (5 yr.)
Spelt (30 yr.)
Wheat, Hard Red (30 yr.)
Wheat, Hard White (30 yr.)
Ham Dices (25 yr.)
Lentils (30 yr.)
Turkey Dices (25 yr.)
TVP, Bacon (10 yr.)
TVP, Beef (10 yr.)
TVP, Chicken (10 yr.)
TCP, Ham (10 yr.)
TVP, Sloppy Joe (10 yr.)
TVP, Taco (10 yr.)
Baking Soda (30 yr.)
Salt, Iodized (30 yr.)
Shortening Powder (10 yr.)
Sugar, Brown (10 yr.)
Sugar, Powdered (30 yr.)
Sugar, White (30 yr.)
Yeast, Instant Dry (4 yr.)
Fruit Punch Performance (3 yr.)
Mango Passion (3 yr.)
Melon Berry Burst (3 yr.)
Orange Bliss (3 yr.)
Orchard Apple (3 yr.)
Simply Peach (3 yr.)
Ice Cream, Chocolate Bars (25 yr.)
Ice Cream, Neapolitan Bars (25 yr.)
Ice Cream, Sandwich (25 yr.)
Express, Thrive ALL (5 yr.)