Take It From A Mom

Written by: Lindsay Budge

Thrive Life cherries dumped across my bedroom floor as two giggling brothers happily shoved fistfuls of the sweet morsels into their red-stained mouths...that was what I walked into just minutes after I’d vacuumed. What a mess! But how could I complain? My toddlers had picked an antioxidant, vitamin, nutrient-packed snack over goldfish crackers or fruit snacks!

As a busy mom of 7, I understand why 34% of kids eat fast food on any given day. It takes a lot of work to cook up a nourishing meal that also tastes good — that’s why I love Thrive!

We can quickly make a breakfast smoothie with blueberries and kale from my pantry, save time chopping veggies for a homemade soup, and get an entire meal on the table in 20 minutes with Simple Plate. Sometimes, we even pull out a can of mangoes for a late-night snack (my 8-year-old's favorite)!

These nutrient-packed foods are now the norm in our house, and the drive thru is just for special occasions. Thrive has helped us find the balance and reduces my mommy stress (well, as long as the cherries stay out of the carpet).

I hope your family enjoys Thrive as much as we do!

Lindsay Budge
Thriving Mamma & Wife of Thrive Life Co-Founder