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Kayleigh Rose
I call Thrive Life my Best Mom Hack because, along with being the ideal "done for you" food storage solution, it makes fun snacks and healthy meals a breeze. You'll love reducing your food waste while enjoying the vibrant, full flavor taste! Want to plan out how long your home food supply will last? Instantly download a free food storage tracking spreadsheet at

My Favorites

A few of my favourite products and ways to use them: 1) Strawberries -My go-to kid-friendly snack and high in Vitamin C! 2) Bananas -Try them like a cracker with peanut butter on top. 3) The Meats -The world is changing. If having animal protein is important to you, get some meat from Thrive for the future. 4) Celery -It's lovely in smoothies, stuffing, soups, everywhere! It also has great anti-viral properties. 5) Peas -Add olive oil, salt and seasoning to the dry peas for a healthy snack.

Strawberry Slices - Freeze Dried
As low as:
USD  17.50
Diced Chicken - Freeze Dried
As low as:
USD  24.29
Ground Beef - Freeze Dried
As low as:
USD  34.69
Sausage Crumbles - Freeze Dried
As low as:
USD  26.02

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Your friends deserve to know about the benefits of Thrive Life too! When you share your personal referral link, you'll earn store credit for others' orders while helping your friends be more prepared. Are you a new customer? Ask me about how to get your "double dip" credit!

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This simply means that you buy a Starter Kit. From there, you can actively share the food to earn store credit plus commission, or simply enjoy the extra perks that come with being a consultant for yourself! If you are already ordering or plan to order regularly, definitely check out this option.

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