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I signed up with Shelf Reliance as a consultant in February of 2010. I was looking to order freeze dried foods for our family for preparedness and I came across the Shelf Reliance website. I liked the products they offered, the prices were better than some of the other companies I compared, they offered a party plan, and a monthly membership club!  How cool is that!

I was not  into party plan stuff--but offering others an opportunity to purchase food is different than selling jewelry, makeup, etc at a party! This is a practical necessity--and gives everyone an opportunity to earn FREE food AND an excellent income at the same time! The parties are lots of fun-meeting new people, making food, sharing ideas and recipes, etc.

It is also a chance to get in on a ground floor opportunity-the company offered the party plan program in April 2010-so it's still in the growing stage! It's a great time for YOU to earn food and income! Become a consultant! Host a party today!

Our company is growing by leaps and bounds each day as more people come on board. NOW is the time to join our team! Don't put this off!  Be the first one in YOUR area to be a  THRIVE Life Consultant.

Become part of an excellent company with great benefits! We have a FAST TRACK program that can help meet your financial goals quickly if you so choose!

Give me a call today to discuss-whether you just want to earn some of your own household food supply at the best price available--or you want to earn a full-time income!

I look forward to talking with you!! 


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