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The Forever Pantry w/Michelle Langford
Welcome to the best kept secret in the kitchen...Freeze Dried Food that makes dinner time quick, easy & healthier than ever! 👉 Wondering where to get started? I would highly recommend creating a free account for the Delivery Service because you save BIG off the retail price AND you get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100. Then start with your families favorites - apples & pineapple or save some time and grab some onions & peppers! 🎥 Did you know we host a FREE Forever Pantry Cooking Show? Join us every Thursday> 📖 Grab our FREE Freeze Dried Food Cooking conversion chart->

My Favorites

ALWAYS start with the Delivery Service - you save money and get FREE SHIPPING! 🍎 THEN take a look at the Monthly Specials Packs and then mix and match the foods your family loves. After that I always make sure I'm stocked up on Onions, Apples, Celery, Green & Red Peppers and Mangoes! (Those are my families favorites!) Oh, and if you're looking to get organized in your pantry be sure you check out the shelving Systems, especially the pantry sized ones - those are amazing!!

Pineapple - Freeze Dried
As low as:
USD  23.29
Fuji Apples - Freeze Dried
As low as:
USD  18.19
Snackies Fruit Variety Pack
As low as:
USD  41.73
Strawberry Yogurt Bites - Freeze Dried
As low as:
USD  28.09

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Did you know there is FREE food waiting for you if you tell your friends? I didn't think I'd fall in love with my freeze dried food as much as I did & when you love something you share it and I started getting FREE FOOD in return! 🎁 Just give 'em YOUR referral link when they ask - that's it!

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