Tony Cataldo

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I joined THRIVE™ to buy emergency food products for myself. I quickly started using THRIVE products in my everyday cooking. I eat much healthier food because I have a wide variety of ingredients that are prepared and readily available. Thrive products are tasty, high quality, and affordable.

I attended a number of network marketing presentations over the years. With other companies they emphasize how to grow your business, how the commissions work, how to get others to join, and so forth. In these presentations most of the time was spent on the business structure, expanding your network, and on commissions. These groups spent little time on the actual products. The marketing and hype overshadowed the actual products. With THRIVE presentations most of the time was spent talking about the products, the health benefits, and sampling the products. I would much rather be in an organization where the product itself was first and foremost.

With THRIVE you buy products that you already buy and use, namely, food. With other groups you have to buy expensive products that you currently do not buy. With THRIVE you buy food that you already purchase. You simply shift a portion of your existing food budget from your supermarket to THRIVE. Buying THRIVE does not increase your food budget and it may actually reduce your food costs.


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