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Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a bit of my story.  Emergency Food Storage has been a long time concern of mine for the welfare of myself, my family and friends. After much research, I aligned myself with THRIVE Life, because their freeze dried foods are exceptionally nutritious and delicious and have a 25-30 year shelf life. I have also found that the foods are AMAZING for everyday cooking!

Here’s how I can help you:

I send a monthly newsletter detailing all the monthly specials and package deals and links to our full color catalog and current price list. Contact me to be on my Email List. I do Free private consultations in homes, businesses, congregations and by phone.  We discuss options for food storage, first aid supplies and water storage and filters.  I can help you work out a personalized plan. Contact Me. I will send you a Free Basic Family Survival Guide Checklist. I am committed to helping my customers with their food storage plan and getting the very best value for their dollars spent. I also help stretch your dollars spent with credits on your own orders toward free and half off products! I offer the online THRIVE Life Food Storage Planner and optional monthly Q Club program.  They are tools to keep you on track towards your food storage goals as you simply reallocate part of your monthly grocery budget into food that can be stored or used in your daily cooking.

Let’s start here:

I can answer MANY of your basic questions about Emergency Preparation in this 20 minute video.  In it I discuss:

Why Prepare Basic Preparation Guidelines First Aid Water Filters and Water Storage Food storage Options: Ready Made Meals, MRE’s, Canned Foods, Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated and the nutritional value and shelf life of these options Other things to consider: Pets, Cooking, Shelter, Lighting, Fuel.

Here's a Link to my Presentation  

I have helped dozens of families all over the country build some peace of mind and have made many great friends along the way. I hope you will allow me to be a partner in your preparation!

Please Contact Me using the “Contact Us” form on this website or Click Here.  I make every attempt to respond within 24 hours. 

Many Blessings and Shalom!


PS:  Check out my Facebook Business Page where I post specials, alerts and emergency preparedness tips and recipe ideas. 




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