Kevin & Janiene Rise

Your Independent Consultant

   Kevin & I learned about THRIVE Life Freeze Dried (FD) foods at a Gun Show in November of 2012 & in December 2012 received our first shipment of THRIVE  (FD) foods. We originally became Consultants to get the best price possible on the foods & were only going to use them for food storage. In December 2012, I caught a flu & was too ill to cook. I literally opened up a can of chicken noodle soup & knew that I needed something that had more nutrients in it. I didn’t have much for fresh veggies in the house & then remembered that we did have THRIVE. I started opening some of the veggies & added a tablespoon or 2 of several of them. They instantly rehydrated & I could actually taste the intense yummy flavors even with a stuffed up head. Better yet, as I ate the soup, I could feel the nutrients energizing my body. It was then that we both realized that there was way more to THRIVE than we had originally thought & that continuing to keep it as “our little secret” wouldn’t be fair to our family & friends. We now have many friends & family who, like us, have gotten our lips wrapped around the amazing THRIVE foods & can’t keep our mouths shut about it. We have learned that THRIVE FD foods actually have a higher nutrient content than anything that one can buy in a grocery store. The higher nutrient content is due to the flash freezing process within a few hours of harvest that actually locks in the nutrients.

   Because THRIVE Life’s goals are to make more people self-reliant in every way, they also have an extensive line of high quality emergency preparedness & survival equipment/supplies. Everything from Axes to water filtration, purification & many options for water storage. Water is an often overlooked necessity that we all need to be proactive about. One can survive for weeks without food but only a few days without water. THRIVE Life also has available things like First Aid kits in all sizes, solar power options, shelters, Grab N Go Survival packs & many more items for use in a disaster or for everyday.

  THRIVE Life also has an incredible opportunity to help more people become self-reliant financially as well & we love helping others to learn how to do that so that more folks can have a THRIVING Life!

     Give us a call so we can help you with questions about THRIVE, orders, hosting an event or joining our team. (509)990-9076 or (509)994-6782.


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