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This has been an amazing journey!

Last year (2012) my husband brought up a can of peas with an expiration date of 2008 and he asked me "If 2008 was a good year for peas".  I winced and said I don't know!  He proceeded to open the can and apparently the answer is NOT SO MUCH.

We then knew that we had to do something different as like most people we were not rotating our food and not focusing on good healthy food with a long shelf life.

After much research I found Thrive Life (Shelf Reliance at the time).  I knew they were the right fit for our family.  I then called them up and said how do I sell this stuff knowing that we could not be the only family in this predictament.

October 22, 2012 I ordered the deluxe starter kit! October 30th, 2012 it was delivered and I went to work.  I spent hours on the internet watching videos, studing other consultants webpages, and learning everything I could.  My husband told me that he would be happy if I got food for our family at a discount price but was not ready for me to give up being a stay at home wife and mother.  I said give me a year and lets see where it takes us.

Then on November 17th, 2012 I hosted my first party.  I invited some friends and neighbors and told them about my new opportunity and that I wanted to make sure their families were also taken care of.

To my amazement in my first month I jumped 2 ranks from Consultant to Director, passing right over Mentor.

March of 2013 I went to Utah for our convention, Elevate.  It was unbelievably exciting and motivating.  They unveiled new products and really taught me that I too can be successful with this opportunity. I learned abour our new training program called The Path and a contest for the top 30 consultants to go to Puerto Vallerta in January 2014.  I told my upline that day I was going. I worked The Path and the Ignite 90 completing both in the 90 days.

Here it is December 3, 2013, I have achieved the rank of Executive, have 33 consultants under me, and yes I am going to Puerto Vallerta!

I have truely been blessed to have found Thrive Life and will continue to share.


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