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We are both business owners in California and as you might imagine, we're both very busy dealing with day-to-day business affairs.  Our hours can vary greatly from one day to the next, and many times we simply do not have the time or energy to cook meals from scratch.

For years we've defaulted to picking up something quick but healthy and bringing it home or going out to eat.  While we are both health conscious, both of these options are costly and don't always offer the best healthiest choices.

We do go shopping...when time allows, but we've found ourselves throwing away canned food that has expired, throwing away meats and fish we fully intended to cook but went bad first, or losing track of frozen foods in the frozen tundra that was our freezer.

We both knew of freeze dried foods but our only experience was with things like freeze dried coffee and other items that just simply looked scary.

When we got fully involved with Thrive foods, we quickly learned that not only did we gain benefits in food storage longevity, but also that they were relatively quick to make at home AND were in many cases, actually healthier than many store bought foods since most Thrive foods are freeze dried very shortly after they are harvested at their peak nutritional value and in many cases, directly on site or within hours of harvesting.  

What we didn't realize fully is that many of the foods we buy in the supermarket are, by necessity, designed to survive the time it takes to ship...either by truck or boat...from field to market.  This means that many food items are picked before fully ripened and/or are processed with chemicals so they arrive intact...sometimes days or weeks later.

So now...we're eating at home much more often, spending far less hard-earned money per meal, eating healthier and saving time, while making fewer trips to the grocery store. Not only that, but we have near ZERO food waste!  Compare that to the approximately 25% to 40% of food wasted in the United States! 

The other benefit that we like is knowing we have food in the house at all times, and with a shelf life of 25 years for most products (unopened) ...we don't have to worry about throwing stored food away but will have it available for years to come.  We find that to be cheap insurance...we can use any time.  We think that's a good about you?


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