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HI!!  Welcome to my Thrive Life Website!  My name is Jennifer Hendrickson. I have 3 children and live in Medicine Hat, Alberta. 

I became a consultant mostly to start my preparedness plan, but have discovered so many benefits to this amazing food line.  Fast, healthy, delicious food that even my pickiest kids will eat!  Life is fast and with Thrive I know my familly is getting the nutrition they need without all of the other junk, plus the shelf life is amazing!! 

I first heard about the thrive food line several years ago and purchased a few items.  Our family is hooked!  I love being able to speed up the dinner process and be a little more prepared.  With fresh flavors and easy storage, we love thrive!  Our favorite products include the mangos, apple slices, pomegranate yogurt bites, chicken, onions, peas, celery, peaches, strawberries, raspberries and the list continues to grow.

My goal is to help other people learn about this wonderful product line, while building my own home store.  I am learning how to use the products better myself. Who knew that there was an option for healthy food, ready in minutes at a price you can afford?

Whether you are a family of 10 or live alone, Thrive has something to offer you!  I absolutely recommend Thrive Life products &  I would love the opportunity to show you how you can save $ and time with Thrive Life!!  Contact me to schedule your tasting and let me help you get some FREE groceries.

Thank you so much for your support of my home business!

Jennifer Hendrickson
(403) 977-4410
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