Thrive Life Recall: THRIVE Scrambled Egg Mix

See pantry can and #10 can labels


One of our suppliers has issued a required product recall for the egg product we use in our THRIVE Scrambled Egg Mix. The supplier discovered a discrepancy in their lab results that resulted in this product no longer meeting federal regulatory standards. Because of this, we are issuing a recall of THRIVE Scrambled Egg Mix in 39.9 ounce and 12 ounce sizes (#10 cans and pantry cans) manufactured on the following dates.

  • 03/20/13
  • 05/28/13
  • 07/10/13
  • 08/07/13
  • 08/21/13
  • 10/02/13
  • 10/16/13
  • 11/20/13
  • 03/06/14

The manufacturing date is found on the bottom of the can. THRIVE Scrambled Egg Mix manufactured outside of the recall dates, THRIVE Whole Egg Powder, and THRIVE Egg White Powder are not affected by this recall. For additional information about this recall, please see our Recall FAQ.

This recall affects unconsumed product only. If you have unconsumed cans (opened or unopened) of recalled product and would like to receive a replacement of THRIVE Scrambled Egg Mix, please select the Order Replacement button below. If you have already consumed your product and do not need a replacement, please select the No Replacement Needed button to notify us that we do not need to contact you further about this recall. 


No Replacement Needed





If you have any unconsumed cans of product, we ask that you dispose of them immediately.  The can(s) should be opened and the product disposed of separately to avoid future risk of consumption. The product does not need to be shipped back to us. You must agree to dispose of the recalled product in order to receive your replacement.

To fill out the replacement form, you will need the following information:

  • The verification number included in the notification email you received about the recall
  • The manufacture date printed on the bottom of each can of recalled product
  • The UPC number underneath the barcode on the label of each can of recalled product


If you are experiencing difficulties in filling out the replacement form or have questions or issues that are not addressed on this page or the Recall FAQ, you may contact our toll-free recall help line at 866-639-1478 or email