Karen & Lee Romine

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Lee and I started in Thrive from the preparedness standpoint.  But it didn't take us long to realize that we had our hands on something special!  We have a grocery store in our home.  We save time,  money and we eat really clean, healthy foods that tasty amazing!  

Thrive has given us peace of mind in so many areas.  I know longer worry about not having time to fix dinner.  Nor do I worry about running out of something for a recipe.  I no longer run to the grocery store for that $40 gallon of milk (you know, you know what I am talking about...the rest of the grocery sack that we weren't planning on buying, but couldn't resist). I know that I am feeding my family clean, healthy foods that aren't filled with GMOs, perservitives or additives.  I can feel good about the food I put on my table.  It is so quick and easy to cook home made meals that we have more time to actually sit and enjoy each other while we eat!  And, I know that no matter what may happen; a snow storm or a job loss; we will always have food on our table.  After all, there is no down side to being prepared.

Thrive has blessed our family by giving us extra income through sharing something that we totally believe in and are passionate about.  That means it isn't work at all.  : )  We meet new people and make new friends. We teach people how to save time, money and eat healthy, delicious food!   We know we are blessing other people's lives just as ours has been blessed.  



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