Jenny Tanner

Your Independent Consultant

I tasted my first Thrive blueberry one spring afternoon, and could only think of one thing after that: "How do I get this food"?   At that time, I didn't know any of the benefits of Thrive.  All I knew was that it tasted fantastic, and wouldn't spoil. 

That was five years and a Home Store ago. How did I ever live without it?

I will never go back to a Thrive-less life  --   to hours at the grocery store and foods full of additives.  To produce that is limp and old and devoid of nutrients.  To peeling, chopping, washing, coring, shredding and browning!  Thrive has changed everything!

On a crazy busy day, I can whip up a homemade meal in an insanely short time, that tastes exactly like my old recipes, and is actually more nutritious.  Recipe after recipe, I am dazzled with Thrive's performance. It has given me back my life. We are back around the family table, without the exhausting hours in the kitchen.

And the variety! I had mangoes and blueberries on my granola this morning, while the kids went for strawberries. We can have anything, from chicken to asparagus,  right from our home store. I seriously can't imagine life without it!

I became a consultant because it was the most economical way to get the food.  I wasn't looking for a job.  I didn't intend to build a business.  I was going to have only one party.  But I saw the look on peoples' faces as they tried it, and I knew I had my hands on something amazing. 

Most importantly, at the end of it all I have something very valuable to me -- food security for my family.  During some tight-budget times, I've gone for weeks at a time without grocery shopping......and my family doesn't even notice.  Can YOUR Home Store do that?  Let me come cook for you and YOU can taste and see for yourself!  




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