Jillian Tueller

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Our family has always had the goal of being self-reliant.  In the beginning of 2012 we finally, as a family of 6, were able to purchase a home on land that allowed us to have a large garden, an orchard, chickens, bees, a berry patch, and an herb garden. 

We freeze, bottle, and dry our foods in order to preserve them.  Yet, Thrive Foods filled in a gap for me.  There's only so much room to store my favorites (like brocolli and spinach), which I thought I could only freeze.  As well as green onions, red bell peppers, shredded cheese... it was a great addition to our food storage.

As I began telling friends about the foods I thought were great extras, I realized many people don't do the preserving of food, or growing of food we as a family did.  Our hobby wasn't just fun, it was a great way to be prepared in case of emergency.  We have peace of mind knowing that if anything happened to my husband's job, or even in a natural disaster, our life could go on without a lot of disruption because we aren't dependent on a grocery store.  I wanted to help my friends to feel that same security, that same peace of mind.  While I can't make them all love gardening and seed saving, I can help them set up their Q, to keep their storage rotated, and help their families feel secure.


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