FAQ: THRIVE 6 Grain Pancake Mix Voluntary Recall

Which products are being recalled?
This voluntary recall affects THRIVE 6 Grain Pancake Mix in 64 ounce, 72 ounce, and 18.7 ounce sizes (#10 cans and pantry cans) manufactured from August 2009 to April 2012. You can find the manufacturing date on the bottom of the can. To see the labels of the recalled products for ease of identification, click here.


Why is this product being recalled?
We have issued this voluntary recall because we feel it no longer meets the high standards of quality required by THRIVE foods. We have learned that several of the leavening ingredients in this product react over time in such a way as to increase the pressure inside the can. This increased pressure may cause cans to expand or bulge, or may cause the sudden release of pancake mix upon opening the can, which could potentially pose the risk of injury.


Is the newer 10 Grain Pancake Mix also included in this recall?
No, the 10 Grain Pancake Mix is a different product that is not affected by the recall, as the ingredients of the 10 Grain mix do not cause the same reaction. Please click here to see the difference between the 6 Grain and 10 Grain Pancake Mix labels for ease of identification.


Is the 6 Grain Pancake Mix unsafe to eat?
We have not received any complaints of illness, and independent lab testing has confirmed that there is no food safety issue with this product. Any product that has already been consumed poses no threat to the consumer. We have no reason to believe this issue has any impact on the taste or quality of the product. The recall has been issued solely due to safety concerns associated with the opening of cans that have more pressure inside than normal.


What if I’ve already consumed or opened my 6 Grain Pancake Mix?
Any product that has already been consumed poses no threat to the consumer. Because the issues are only associated with the opening of recalled cans, the recall affects only unopened cans.


Are Mylar pouches of the 6 Grain Pancake Mix recalled as well?
No, the pouches are not being recalled. There is no risk associated with opening Mylar pouches of this product.


Is the 6 Grain Pancake Mix still being sold?
No, the 6 Grain Pancake Mix was discontinued in July 2012 and replaced with our 10 Grain Pancake mix, which is not affected by this issue.


If I have unopened cans of this product, what should I do? Will the product be replaced?
We will replace all unopened cans of the recalled product with our 10 Grain Pancake Mix. All customers who have purchased the product within the affected dates will be emailed a notification of the recall. In the email you will be asked whether or not you need a replacement. If you have unopened cans that need to be replaced, you will be taken to a form where you will fill out the information required to receive a replacement. You will need to enter the verification code you were given in the email, as well as the manufacture date on the bottom of each can and the UPC code underneath the barcode on the label. Once the form is filled out, there is nothing else you will need to do to receive your replacement product.


What if I have more than one can that needs to be replaced? Do I need to fill the form out more than once?
No, you can enter multiple cans on the replacement form, as long as you have the UPC code and manufacture date of each can. You can enter pantry cans and #10 cans on the same form if you need replacements in both sizes.


What should I do if I have already consumed or opened the product and don’t need a replacement?
Please click the “No Replacement Needed” button on the notification email to let us know that we do not need to contact you further about the recall.


What do I do with the recalled product I have?
After you have filled out the form to receive your replacement if necessary, please dispose of the product immediately in an outdoor trash receptacle. The product does not need to be shipped back to us.


What if I have recalled product but have not received a notification email?
The recall notifications will be sent throughout August 12–24. If you have not received a notification by this date and you believe you have recalled product, please verify that your product is 6 Grain pancake mix, not 10 Grain pancake mix (see the difference between the labels here). If you have unopened product that fits this description and you would like a replacement, please contact our toll-free recall help line at 855-728-4123 or email 6GrainRecall@thrivelife.com. A customer service representative will assist you with receiving a replacement. Please have the UPC and manufacturing date on your can(s) available when you call.


Is the verification code in the email unique to me?
Yes, the verification code you received in your recall notification email is unique to your account. The online replacement form can only be filled out once for each verification code, so if you need to add replacement cans and have already submitted the form, you will need to contact customer service.


How long will it take to receive my replacement 10 Grain Pancake Mix?
It may take 8–12 weeks for your replacement product to process and ship. A confirmation email will be sent to you when the replacement has been shipped.


Can I get a refund instead of a replacement?
This recall is being handled with product replacements only. Our 10 Grain Pancake Mix is a similar product of equal value to the 6 Grain Pancake Mix.


How do I get a replacement if I did not purchase the product directly from Thrive Life?
All customers who have purchase the product through any channel will receive a recall notification email with a verification number and a link to the replacement form. If you did not receive an email with a verification number, please contact 6GrainRecall@thrivelife.com or call our recall help line at 855-728-4123 and a customer service agent will assist you.


What if I need further help with this issue?
If you’ve read this FAQ and still need help, or are having trouble with the online form, you can email us about this recall at 6grainrecall@thrivelife.com or call our recall hotline at 855-728-4123. Please have your verification code and can information ready when you call so we can assist you in the most efficient way possible.