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Hi, I'm Carrie! I'm a mom to all boys. I love painting furniture, camping with our family, playing cards and hiking! I felt a little nudge in early 2018 that I needed to start making emergency preparations for our family in the event a natural disaster occured.

That prompting started me down a path of researching emergency food companies and my food storage options.

But to be honest, I wasn't impressed.

Most of the emergency food companies offered starchy foods with little protein and veggies that didn't look very appetizing. Sure, those pre-packaged meals would last for 30 years but when push came to shove, I wanted our family to have something delicious to eat when everything else would be out of the norm. 

It was important to me that our emergency food be something that would fill our bellies, have good nutriontal value, be simple and easy to prepare/cook and most importantly bring joy in a time of high stress!

And then I discovered Thrive Life and this is what I found out! Thrive offers delicious everyday ingredients like: proteins, veggies, fruits, cheeses, sour cream, butter, eggs and milk- all the healthy ingredients I use on a daily basis. 

Freeze dried ingredients that last up to 25 years and have the same incredible amount of vitamins and nutrients as the day they were harvested because these ingredients go through a special Nutrilock™ process hours after they are picked. 

AND they taste delicious. Like you can eat peas and corn right out of the can for a snack. My boys can be picky eaters, Thrive food hits their hot button every time! 

I knew immediiately that this is how I wanted to organize our food storage for our family.  I came up with a list of our favorite recipes and every month I purchase a few ingredients for those recipes.

It brings peace of mind to know that I can create quick and yummy meals using staples like rice, pasta, and beans and Thrive's freeze-dried ingredients during unforseen emergencies!

I'd love to help YOU do the same!

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