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Adding Thrive products to my grocery staples and having extras for food insurance has been a blessing to my health, peace of mind and reducing my food costs.

We are living in an era where things change rapidly.  How we acquire our food is so different than the era of the small family farm. During times of shortages, droughts and economic challenges of the 1930s-1940s most people in America lived on a farm.  They raised their own food and stored it.  Today, with Americans living in urban areas probably 5% of Americans are self-sufficient.  If you question that, then just look at the immediate long lines and cleaned out grocery stores when the meterologists forecasts hurricanes or snow storms.  If you waited until the perilous weather announcement to stock up on supplies, you’ll lucky if the shelves contain enough bread, eggs, milk and other staples for you to purchase plus you get the privilege of standing in long lines!

For six months I’ve debated which company to get a good six (6) to (12) months food supply for emergency purposes.  I researched several companies and none seemed to be the perfect fit for my eating habits. (I’m picky)  There were companies who packaged together groups of staples that probably half of it I would not eat.  It may be “emergency” food but it certainly was not food that I would want to eat.  Some in their entrees were loaded with salt.  I’m a salt-sensitive person (recovering from nervous system injuries) so too much salt can cause my feet to swell and reddened skin.

The past six months I’ve also learned that approximately 80% of our food supply at the grocery store came or contains fruits, vegetables and staples that were from GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds.  GMOs have been linked to diabetes, certain cancers and heart disease.  Europe has banned the use of using GMO seeds; however in the US big Agra blocked in Congress legislation requiring labeling when GMOs were used.  Considering that I am gracing through time, have some drug and food allergies, the last thing I need while I am recovering from my injuries are GMO foods.

No matter how I look at it Thrive is a WIN-WIN for the consumer!  There’s no spoilage, no e-coli, salmonella and no GMOs used on all their fruits and vegetables.  They also have gluten free.  They are cost competitive with the grocery items on sale for the same number of servings (plus no grocery store lines).  I get to pick what I want to eat, not have extra food in a package that I’ll never eat.  Plus when I grow next year’s garden, I am only going to grow foods that Thrive does not currently offer but I love:  German Johnson, Big Boy and Rutgers tomatoes, zucchini, black-eyed, lady and crowder peas.  That will save me the added costs and time of dehydrating foods that I can just purchase.

As an independent consultant I enjoy sharing all the Shelf Reliance products and preparedness information with people.  With a little planning not only can you be prepared but you can save money!  Sharing the information and tailoring it to your needs can be done online, one-to-one phone or in person meetings, small home party settings, or in larger groups such as churches, businesses, organizations or at shows.

If you have any questions, just want to explore my store with no obligation, then I would love to hear from you.  I can give you a temporary pass code so you can get the lowest prices offered on the Thrive foods and Shelf Reliance products.  The company is organized so the lowest prices are always offered through the consultants and not the company store. 

Just drop me an email or give me a call.  You can also visit my personal website where I have a wealth of information about health and food supply issues,  (Or if you are thinking about becoming a consultant, visit my website, which has the most comprehensive spectrum from a consultant's point of view.  

I look forward to the privilege of serving you!

Debi J

336 823 0008


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