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I first discovered Thrive Life Foods at a tasting party being hosted by an RV Store. I was impressed with the taste and presentation of the product....It looked like real food. I guess I was expecting something different, but no surprises. I then rediscovered Thrive at a preparedness fair and sat in on a seminar where I watched how it was prepared and learned about the product in detail. I'm all about saving time and money and you are essentially buying in bulk when you buy Thrive. I have found by working with this type of food product that I have saved more than half on normal prep time, there is no waste so I'm saving money there and the product is always fresh and nutrients and vitamins are retained by the way its processed. Who doesn't want to eat healthier without putting a lot of time and effort forth? Today's world is very busy and the change I made by incorporating Thrive into a daily/weekly routine has helped me to be more efficient and healthier. Call me, Text me, Email me and lets talk how this can better your life and save you time and money!

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