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Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are right on the “Pacific Ring of Fire”.  People from our area always talk about how we are due for the “Big One”.  Additionally, a few years ago, we had a snow storm that left 36” inches of snow in our yard and left us without power and water for 6 days.  It was a difficult 6 days, but we managed.  The Seattle area is not equipped to handle that much snow and needless to say, we don’t know (nor do we want to know) what it will be like if and when the earthquake hits.

With the current national economic downturn and the natural disasters happening around the world, our family decided that “Now is the Time” for us to make sure that we are prepared with food, medical and water supplies just in case we need them.  We have said for years, “We should have an emergency supply…just in case”.  The problem was we never did anything about it…up until now.  Last year, we decided to increase our grocery budget every week and allot a certain amount to additional food and water supplies.  Then, we would come home, vacuum seal everything (hoping this would make it last longer) and store it away.  Unfortunately, we started running into food expiration dates and trying to eat them before they went bad.  Let’s just say, rice and bean dishes get really old, really fast.  

A few months back, we were invited to attend an emergency preparedness workshop.  This is where we were introduced to Shelf Reliance-Thrive Foods.  Shelf Reliance has shown us not only how to store food and what foods we need, but how much we need according to our family size and our allergy and dietary needs.  They even have shown us how to cook with these foods.  It is unbelievably easy and the food tastes great!  

We chose to set up a monthly auto shipment of food that is delivered right to our door every month.  This has helped is in so many ways.  We no longer need to worry when we are cooking or baking and run out of milk or eggs.  We just open our pantry and grab a can.  It has been amazing how we have been able to incorporate these foods into our everyday meals.  We used to throw out so many fruits and vegetables since they would rot in our fridge before we had a chance to eat them all.  This waste has been greatly reduced.   Additionally, we save money by making fewer trips to the grocery store.  It seemed as though we always needed to make a quick trip to buy 1 or 2 items we were out of.  Of course in doing so, we always came home with 5 more things that we bought on the spur of the moment.  

We believe that one of the best benefits we have experienced is not only the money we have saved, but being able to go back to our regular grocery budget.  You see, we have found that we have been able to dedicate a portion of our normal grocery budget to Thrive Freeze Dried Foods.  Not only have we been able to use them in our everyday meals, but we have been able to continue to add to our food storage at the same time. This means less time at the grocery store, less money on the vacuum sealing bags (wow that gets expensive!) and less time on coming home and having to seal the foods.  Now, we have more time with our family…which to us, is priceless.  

We hope that you will contact us to begin your food storage needs.  There is no downside to being prepared.  Let us show you how we did it. 


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