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Can I take you to lunch?
It started with a friend asking if I would give her some input on a great company wanting to introduce parties.  By the time we had finished eating I was giddy!  The idea of sharing food seemed so basic!

Who doesn't eat food?  Who doesn't want to save money on their groceries?  Who doesn't want to eat healthy?  Who doesn't want to save time when they are cooking? 

And that is where it all started.  A number of meetings later we helped launch the home party division of Shelf Reliance, now called Thrive Life, and did the second party ever. 

It has been worthwhile, amazing, and really profitable.  I have loved it!  We have a great team, devoted customers, and an incredible company to back us. 

We are not just saving money on groceries...we are making money!  We are eating better and healthier!  Oh...and we have built up a storage of food for a rainy day too.  This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. 



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