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Hi, thanks for checking out my website, I'm glad you stopped by.  I wanted to share some of my story with you, to help you get to know me a bit more, and just maybe you will also see a little of yourself in what I have to say :)  I have always been interested in food storage, family preparedness and eating healthy.  At times my interest has outpaced my action, if you know what I mean, but at some level I have always been involved. 

A home store is not a new concept to me; I have always bought in bulk, then selecting items from my home store that I need that day. I had just a few concerns that bothered me. I found canned meat/protein choices very limited and not very tasty.  Rotation was difficult, resulting in many cans of food out-dating.  I was also concerned with the interaction of the food with the cans, resulting in a "tinny" taste, among other things.  THRIVE Life answered all of these concerns and more!

My family is now prepared with many shelf stable, delicous protein choices My family has healthy snack options of fruits and vegetables that do not spoil, are ready at a moments notice, and absolutely no waste My groceries are shipped to me on the day I choose, saving me time and money I am able to grocery shop at home, when I want, and order exactly what I want THRIVE Food is tasty enough to use everyday, and I do.  My family loves it, yours will too!
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