Gina Hansen

Your Independent Consultant

I can not say enough good things about Thrive! I Love it! I discovered Thrive in October of 2012 and soon realized I wanted to fill my home with it. It is the most delicious nutritious food that stores for a long time. So if I was going to be buying it for my family, why not sign up to be a consultant so I can get the best price? That was a no that is exactly what I did. I am my own customer and I love sharing this amazing product with everyone.

Since discovering Thrive I have learned to use it in everyday cooking. I used to be one of those that stuck their "sacred food storage" in the basement and said they would use it when the end of the world came....NO  MORE. I have discovered this yummy food tastes so good and is so nutritious that we use it every day. Dinner no longer takes hours to prepare. Just a few minutes and a handful of Thrive ingredients and I have dinner in a snap.

The best part of this company (besides such great food) is the convience of the Q. The Q is the monthly budget auto ship program. It lets any person on any budget have Thrive shipped to your front door every month. It is AMAZING! If you are looking to save money, sign up on the Q. It will totally cut your trips to the grocery store in half. If you are anything like me, the less often you go to the store the more money you save.

I love Thrive! If you are interested in all about eating healthy, saving money, and saving time.....try Thrive. To get the best of everything host a tasting cooking party. Hosts walk away with a TON of FREE and HALF OFF product. Just contact me with any questions. I would love to help you THRIVE!!

Gina Hansen

Thrive Life Consultant

435 896-0211


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