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    I love using Thrive foods to save me time washing, peeling and chopping. Thrive saves me money and helps me eat healthier! Visit my blog to get free recipes and checklists! Check out my Thrive store here:

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    Sarah Horwich
    Omaha, NE
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    THRIVE = Less Waste + More Money

    THRIVE saves my family money and time, it is as simple as that. THRIVE allows me to use just the amount of whatever I need for a recipe, whether it's meat or veggies or fruit. No more throwing out limp celery because I needed only one stalk. No more last minute runs to the grocery to get kid-friendly foods. No more cooking, cooling, then chopping chicken. No more splatter clean ups from frying burger or sausage. The kids love to snack on the yogurt bites and any of the fruits and I don't have to worry about rotten fruit or spoiled dairy from my once-a-week trip to the grocery. In our household we try not to eat a lot of processed foods and strive to eat whole and clean. THRIVE make that easier and less stressful as well.

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