2 Things to Remember After Black Friday


Follow Up with Customers
Following up with your Black Friday customers is extremely important. They’re excited about the great deals they’ve gotten and can fuel your parties, Qs and enrollments for the next several months. When you follow up with them on their order, make sure to talk to them about these 3 things:

  • Booking a Party: They can double dip their Black Friday purchase to get great host benefits!

  • Getting on the Q:They’re excited about their Black Friday purchase, so encourage them to get on the Q so they can get more great products each month, all at our lowest available prices.

  • Becoming a Consultant:If they love Thrive Life products, they’d make a great consultant! Let them know about the opportunity and how they can get free and half-off product, plus commission, as a consultant.


Keep Team Momentum Going
Your team will be excited and motivated by their Black Friday success—help them use this motivation to keep up the good work. It’s easier to keep the momentum they’ve already built up for Black Friday than have to start all over once those leads have died down. Encourage your team to take a look at their Leadership Academy progress and make goals for the rest of the year to qualify!

Give Recognition
Recognize your team members for the successes they’ve made over Black Friday, whether it’s a new rank they’ve hit or a personal best in one area of their sales. You can get a few tips on recognition from the PATH here.

Identify and Train Superstars
Black Friday is a good chance to evaluate your team—it will be easy to see those who have worked the hardest and achieved the most success. Those who have broken rank, grown their team, and hit high personal sales in relation to the rest of the team are your superstars, and they deserve extra attention and training from you. Train new and current team members with Getting Started.

Interact on Social Media
Be sure to continue the Black Friday conversation after the sale. Highlight some of your customers who received amazing deals, and remind people that just because they might have missed the Black Friday sale, we always have great promotions and monthly specials to take advantage of.