7 Simple Steps to Getting Ready for Black Friday


Set a Goal
Plan to beat last year’s personal best, then calculate how many Qs, one-time orders and consultant starter kits you need in order to make it happen. 


Know Who to Ask
Make a list of everyone who would be interested in the Black Friday sale, including current customers, those who previously weren’t interested, and those you haven’t reached out to yet. Set a date to finish contacting each person by phone (not text, email, or Facebook message) to tell them about how they can benefit from the sale. 


Prep Your Social Media
Party Connect’s Share & Promote page will be taken over with fresh content for Black Friday! Encourage customers to set up a party for the week of Black Friday and utilize the content on Party Connect to tell their friends about the sale! Also, don’t forget to post about what you're getting during the sale, and how much you’re saving! 


Check Your Website
Make sure your consultant website link is still active. This will be the easiest way for those not purchasing from a party to still purchase from you.


Grow Your Team
Black Friday is a great time to grow your team—just let customers who may be interested in becoming a consultant know that when they enroll, they can get commission on their own Black Friday purchases! Between being their own customer and spreading the word about the sale to friends and family, they can make back the cost of their Starter Kit during the sale!


Make an Email Plan
Email your customer base a few days before the sale so they know what items are on sale and they can plan their purchase. Make sure to send this in advance since most people don’t check their email during the holidays. We’ll have Black Friday emails designed for you in the email promotion tool in My Office that you can use to send to your customers. 


Know My Office
Make sure you understand how to setup a party in Party Connect, input orders, tie orders to events, input host benefit orders, and any other processes you’ll need to complete during Black Friday. You can find My Office tutorials in the Video Library under Training.