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    December 2014 is my four-year anniversary as a consultant with Thrive Life and I have to say I still love it! When I first signed up as a consultant, it was just so I could be my own customer. I was building up my own Home Store, and I thought, why not earn commission and free food on what …

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    Julie Kosker
    NW Pennsylvania
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    Perfect for the Working Mama!

    I have no qualms about admitting that I do not enjoy cooking. I don't think about dinner until I am HUNGRY and then food needs to hit my stomach within minutes before I turn quite beastly. Add to this my dislike for shopping...and this wanna-be healthy mama was in serious trouble! Now, I'm the supermom who sends freeze dried fruits to preschool snack time, whose kids snack on pure fruit and veggies daily, and who can whip together an amazingly tasty and nutritious dinner in less than a half hour!

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