The number one reason you’ll never go back after trying THRIVE is its unbeatable taste—even fresh foods can’t compare! THRIVE foods are freeze dried at their peak state to capture that fresh taste that grocery store produce has lost in its journey of several weeks and thousands of miles to the store. That makes for some big smiles at the dinner table.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Our research and development team is committed to finding the best-tasting foods in the world, and our in-house chef’s culinary team makes sure each food will create meals that look, smell, and taste fantastic. But don’t take our word for it—see what people are saying about the taste of THRIVE.


"The taste is just beyond compare. My kids ask for THRIVE instead of their normal snacks—it’s a treat to them!"

Kristi Roldan, Roseville CA

"I couldn’t cook anything that tasted good before. With THRIVE every meal is amazing!"

Jennifer Jessup, Logan UT

"I love the colors of THRIVE foods—meals with THRIVE look and taste better than the other meals I make."

Michael Robertson, Las Vegas NV

"My kids ask for THRIVE, and they love every meal I make with it."

Leslie Morgan, Orem UT

"It tastes good! We love to eat it right out of the can as snacks. As my Home Store grows I try new things, and every product always tastes great!"

Gloria Robertson, Las Vegas NV

Kid Approved

Kids can’t keep their hands off THRIVE. They’ll forgo their chips and candy for THRIVE fruits, veggies, and yogurt bites straight from the can.